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Our top 5 reasons. In video format. With statistics… Who doesn’t love statistics!?

Business experts such as Forbes, Forrester and ReelSEO are predicting that video is the future of digital marketing.

At Shakehaus we agree wholeheartedly (obviously!). But not only is video the future, it is already here. Video has become the key method for satisfying our entertainment and educational needs. Websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and Vine have exploded in popularity.

Think about how your social networking feeds have changed… Have you noticed that you are seeing much more video content recently? Ever wondered why? Facebook has changed its newsfeed algorithm in order to curate the most engaging content. Instagram now allows videos up to 60 seconds. The new media giants want to optimise metrics and their ultimate goal is to keep users in their feeds. Video is naturally engaging and emotive so everyone wins. This opens the door for video marketers to pounce! If you want to draw attention to your products and services, increase brand awareness, or show off your company culture, now is the time to use video. It’s better for recall, more engaging and search engines love it.

Beware though! We are in a new era and viewers won’t settle for old school ideas or techniques. Boring content that is too focused on marketing and sales won’t spread or engage. That’s why we focus on storytelling. People who are taking the time to view your content want to have fun and be enlightened. It’s our job not to let them down.

Need any more convincing?! We’ve created a motion graphics video, with our top 5 statistics to back-up our beliefs. Email-us at hello [at] shakehaus [dot] com or call us to find out more!