The Glasgow Canal is a vibrant area, which has a huge human, entrepreneurial and growth potential, close to the city centre. The Glasgow Canal Project isn’t about gentrification but about regeneration: a viable way of improving run-down urban areas and attract the population away from city centres.

Water is at the centre of life. The Glasgow Canal is a flourishing branch of the Tree of Life and as it grows, so does the ecosystems built around it: emergent community of start-ups, organisations, creatives and well established companies. The canal helps to nurture new connections and improves quality of life.

How can we tell the story of this special place while achieving to speak to three different audiences? By finding common grounds: life experience, human connections and hope of a better future. As our cities grow, so does an omnipresent technology; we fear that humans are becoming less and less connected with each other and their environment. At the Glasgow Canal, if water is the heart of the community, it is the people around that keep it beating.


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