The Glasgow Canal is a vibrant area in north Glasgow, which has a huge human, entrepreneurial and growth potential, close to the city centre. The Glasgow Canal Project isn’t about gentrification but about regeneration: a viable way of improving run-down urban areas and attract the population away from city centres.

Water is at the centre of life and the Glasgow Canal is a flourishing community of start-ups, organisations, creatives and well established companies. The canal helps to nurture new connections and improves quality of life.
Shakehaus was commissioned to create two versions of a brand film of the project and 16 short profile videos about different organisations in the area.

We had the pleasure to discover and get to know the Glasgow Canal area over a year-long period. We conducted over 20 interviews and filmed a number of different organisations and locations. It was exciting to be part of a project that tries to bring some focus back to a deprived area of Glasgow that has so much potential but because of its history and physical separation from the city centre, it is often underlooked.

We told the story of this special place throughout the diverse voices that speak to different audiences by founding common grounds: life experience, human connections and hope of a better future. As our cities grow, so does an omnipresent technology; we fear that humans are becoming less and less connected with each other and their environment. At the Glasgow Canal, if water is the heart of the community, it is the people around that keep it beating.

We produced:
A 1-minute atmospheric teaser, to appeal to a large audience on social media.
A 3 minutes promotional video, based on interviews, in order to highlight the appeal of the area and to attract businesses and investors.
An Area map video, made out of drone and ground footage overlayed by animated and 3D integrated titles, to appeal to investors.
16 profile videos, to showcase the organisations present in the area.


Glasgow Canal Project


Scottish Canals

What We Did

Concept, Filming, Editing & Motion Graphics

Promotional Film
Profile Video Example – Glasgow Wake Park
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