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It’s time for blog number 2 in our ‘5 Great Commercials’ series.

Curious about what adverts our producer Margarita likes? Read on…

I typically love commercials with a smart concept, considered visual aesthetic and an original twist in the storytelling that suprises or makes me smile and laugh. I want to be entertained, but to be truly effective I believe that an ad also has to have strong emphasis on the product, service or company being advertised. A good advert can say so much. Consumers want to know how a company sees the world. Are they brave? Fun? Innovative? Responsible?

The adverts on my list are united by two main features. Strong storytelling and emphasis on product.

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey 2009

This ad contains more storytelling and engagement in 31 seconds than some feature films do. It’s a great piece of branding. After watching I feel I know the character and his motivations. I know the world he is living in. We see his passion for the product – symbolised by him overcoming the sea and the monster. The atmosphere and the tone are clear and striking. We understand the comical tone and rules of this fantastical, exaggerated world. I was truly entertained.

Similar production value may not be possible for SMEs, but regardless, there are things to be learnt from this example: show that you passionate about your product, know how you want to be seen and find the best way to share your story.

Dirt Devil 2011

The brief for this advert was to introduce the Centrino Clean Control Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to men. This is a brave choice for an advertising concept and communicates a lot about the companies involved. It uses the convincing mise-en-scene of a horror film to engage the viewer and the twist at the end is highly unexpected and makes the viewer smile.
The fact that this story is inventive and the visuals are cinematic doesn’t distract from the simple brand message – our vacuum cleaners hoover well. It has 32 million views and counting, was 5th most successful viral video in 2011.

Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg

Panda Cheese 2010

The ‘Never Say No to Panda’ ad campaign aired on Egyptian TV channels in May 2010. It is a bold concept, and very refreshing to see a food and drink brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Again, as quirky and weird as the main message is, it’s clear and it concentrates on the product.

I smile every time I see it. It doesn’t need huge production value, as the simplicity of the concept is so brilliant. There some comments online calling the Panda creepy and I think it’s just adorable. It’s definitely my kind of humor!

Advantage Marketing

Berlitz German Coastguard 2006

This hilarious scene is executed in a very simple way, but has many subtle and suitable choices that make it brilliant.  It’s a genius concept and extremely funny.
It went viral and gave an unknown English adult school a huge advantage over its competitors. It shows that an idea wins against any big brand or big budget, that’s why the right ideas are priceless and brave companies get noticed.

In my opinion this is the strategy that SMEs should use to look to get ahead.

66°NORTH – The Jacket 2013

This commercial was made by Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg Germany. This quirky ad is another example of getting to the point – showing all the best qualities of the product in a non-traditional and fun way. It’s unique and cultural, yet universal. I have no idea what those guys are saying but I still smile while watching. There is a character and intrigue and nice epilogue. A great entertaining piece of advertising.

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