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The co-founders of Shakehaus began our collaborative journey together at Screen Academy Scotland on the MA Film programme in November 2014 with our first short film together.

Rather than keep it hidden away on a archived hard drive in our office, we have decided to share it with the world!

You can watch the short film ‘Repeat’ below.

The script for ‘Repeat’ was pitched by our now good friend, the uber-talented writer Nils Gustenhofen, and Joséfa (our director) was drawn to it via her fear of flying. We had just a few weeks to make the film. The script required us to build a plane set and [SPOILER ALERT] figure out how to make it crash. The filmmaking process was a fantastic exercise in restraint.

We hope you find the resulting short film as claustrophobic and intense as we intended it.

Two years after the production of this film, it is great for us to look back and see how things have developed for everyone involved in the process. Cast, crew and ourselves! We are proud to have achieved some interesting things as a collaborative team, including the success of our biggest short film project ‘Event Horizon’ and the launch of Shakehaus.

Our video advertising startup recently passed the six month milestone. We have already created work with some fantastic, big name clients including Deutsche Bank and RBS as well as some inspiring startups and SMEs here in Edinburgh.

We could not be more excited to see what two more years of collaboration will lead to!

Here are some behind the scenes stills:

Phil – Dave O’Rourke
Julie – Marta Da Silva
Macy – Lois Ambrose
Directed by Joséfa Celestin
Written by Nils Gustenhofen
Cinematography by Fraser Stephen
Produced by Margarita Veberaite
1st Assistant Director – Catalina Ganea
Sound Recordist – Jaak Pardi
Script Supervisor – Nils Gustenhofen
Camera Assistant – Karol Kozlowski
Gaffer – Regimantas Puida
Make Up Artist – Joy McNair
Edited by Jaak Pardi
Sound Design by Regiments Puida
Colour Grading by Joséfa Celestin