The Royal Bank of Scotland
Explainer Video


How do you take a complex tech concept and make it easy to understand? Use an explainer video!

The brief for this project came from the Royal Bank of Scotland Open Banking and Fintech team. They wanted to us to help them explain APIs and the impact they would have on banking.

In 2016, the UK government backed calls for the creation of an open banking standard to make it easier to share and use financial data. The goal is to promote better choice for customers, more competition among financial institutions and stimulate innovation. This standard takes the form of an API (Application Programming Interface).

To deliver this kind of information in an engaging way and maximise memorability, we recommended an animated explainer video. The initial script was written by the client and edited by Shakehaus. The video was created in-house and music was composed by Foxwinter, a boutique music composition and production house based in Edinburgh.