What kind of business you’re asking? Oh dear, if you had read our website carefully, you’d know that we are a blooming video production & digital strategy startup based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and that we pride ourselves on creating original and cinematic promotional films! Alright, now that the presentations are done, let’s carry on.

Good Morning Scotland!

We are one week away from our 1st month anniversary and to celebrate this, we are opening our blog section (because every good party starts early!). This blog is the ideal place for us to share and discuss about everything and everyone that inspires us and the whereabouts of our small but proactive team! We’re eager to share our passion and dedication for the creative industries! We are also quite active on social media, so don’t hesitate to chat with us and/or follow us! Don’t be shy, we are a friendly bunch and we don’t bite (at least not the majority of us). :)

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W e are three filmmakers, born to create drama, who met while studying at Screen Academy Scotland and quickly established a creative bond. Over the last 2 years, we worked together at every given opportunity, consistently creating great ideas and visuals, and finally decided to carry on the good work together by entering the entrepreneurial world. Our collective background working with broadcasters, advertisers and film companies, has given us the confidence and drive to start Shakehaus.

The Producer

Margarita is a supremely organised and authoritative producer, but don’t be fooled, behind her project meanie facade hides a very silly human being (don’t hesitate to attach cute animal pictures when you’re writing to her).

The Director

Joséfa, isn’t just our creative director and post-production supervisor, but also our full-time goof (sometimes we wish it was part-time). She is also a video game enthusiast and cherry pie lover. She cares very deeply about the accent on her é, so if you want to keep a good relationship with her, you know what to do (Pssst, it’s “alt e+e” on every non-bloody-french keyboard).

The Cinematographer

Fraser, with his unmatched eye for great images, is our enthusiastic and talented director of photography. But beware to never call him Stephen Fraser, or you might unleash his own private Mister Hide…

O ur goal is to do what we love: make films. We aspire to distinguish ourselves from the Corporate video style.  It’s a shame that there are so many uninteresting videos out there (Dear “long interviews in front of blank and dull backgrounds”, we’re talking about you!), when so many various genres, styles and visions exist and are only waiting to be unleashed!

With our strong narratives and arresting visuals, we want to create original content that will follow and create new trends, while meeting client’s needs and showcasing our personal aesthetic. We believe that promotional films, with a strong personality and original concept, great production value, dynamic editing, inspired sound design and music & high quality animation/motion graphics, will greatly help to raise awareness, drive sales and deliver an important or emotional message, without boring the audience to death!

Antenna 1’s genius Antiboredom Campaign


Rather than focusing on direct sales, our goal is to help businesses creating a long-term engagement between them and their customers. We will achieve this via creating unique visual experiences that audiences won’t resist sharing with their friends, family and colleagues, especially on social media. We utilise innovative trans-media storytelling to contribute towards revolutionising the way moving images are used to tell stories, promote companies and sell products.

And finally, we make high quality visual content and concepts available to all businesses and not just exclusive to premium brands. If you’re a small company with big ideas, we might be the perfect match for you! We aspire to work with small to medium-sized enterprises, social enterprises and charities, or any company that shares our modern values and vision.

Effective execution of our services requires extremely tight collaboration and having a well-practiced, open and like-minded team like we do, is an incredible advantage. We had a tremendous time so far and feel very enthusiastic and optimistic about the future as an ambitious and creative video production & digital strategy company!

Our successful collaboration is a great motivator for us and when great creative minds come together there is no limit to what can be achieved!

The Team

A pretty accurate depiction of our Creative Director…

Agency: TBWA/PHS Helsinki – 2010

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