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We’re thrilled to announce that our short film, Event Horizon, is finally premiering online! We invite you to watch, share, and even leave a review if you’re inclined. You can view it at

As we prepare to wrap up production on our latest short film, Kings of the Court, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the journey that led us here. Back in 2015, Margarita Veberaite, Fraser Stephen, and Joséfa Celestin were studying together at Screen Academy Scotland, where we poured our hearts and souls into perfecting our craft. Through hard work and determination, we overcame countless obstacles to create Event Horizon.

This film was more than just a graduation project. Thanks to a serendipitous encounter with Anaïs Bertrand from Insolence Productions at Paris Courts Devant, we were able to take the film to the next level with their help in improving the VFX by HECAT STUDIO and giving it the distribution it deserved.

Since then, Event Horizon has touched the hearts and souls of many around the world, particularly younger audiences. It had a successful festival run and was even shown in French cinemas before feature films as part of l’Agence du Court métrage catalog.

Now, we’re excited to bring Event Horizon to audiences everywhere with its online premiere. It holds a special place in our hearts as it marks the beginning of Shakehaus’s journey towards becoming a recognised genre-focused production company based in Scotland. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to this project’s journey, and we look forward to sharing more of our work with you in the near future. Stay tuned for the online premiere of Tomorrow Might Be The Day.

We would like to extend our thanks to our talented team: Robyn O’Donnell, Laura Shand, Jacopo Meneghin, Jamie Sotelo, Scott James Meridew, Tom Shennan, Arla Lehtinen, Nazia Mohammad, Jacopo Meneghin, Filip de Pina, Stephen Horne, Alessia Gasparella, Jackson Marlette, Ali Murray, Owen Devlin and Chadi Abo. Without them, none of this would have been possible.