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In Development

Aurora’s Skies

Feature film
Drama / Sci-fi
Writer-Director: Joséfa Celestin

The Last Kind

Feature film
Director: Joséfa Celestin
Writer: Matt Brothers

Before I Go

Feature film
Writer-Director: Eric Romero 


Tomorrow Might Be The Day

Drama / Sci-fi /  2018 / 20min
Supported by Creative Scotland / Scottish Film Talent Network
Shakehaus / Insolence Productions
Writer-Director: Joséfa Celestin Co-Writer: Max Barth
With Tim Barrow & Jocelyn Brassington

Believing in an impending doomsday flood, unleashed by the melting glaciers, Nicholas attempts suicide in a Scottish Loch, only to be miraculous saved from below. Enlightened, Nicholas teaches his doctrine to his niece, Seren. When her faith starts to waver, Nicholas leads her to the Loch to restore her faith.

Event Horizon

In a time when Pluto is still the 9th planet of the solar system, and music tracks need to be rewind, Julianne, who knows that childhood doesn’t last long but being an adult lasts forever, refuses to grow up too quickly and to let go of her estranged friend. When her fear of the unknown manifests itself in the shape of a mysterious cosmic object, she must overcome her old self and embrace what lies ahead.

Drama, Science-Fiction / UK-France / 11min
Shakehaus / Insolence Productions
Writer-Director: Joséfa Celestin 
With Kate McLaughlin, Lori Stott, Natacha Baker, Josh McKendry, David Lister

Joséfa Celestin


Before she decided to follow John Hughes’ footsteps, Joséfa first wanted to become an astronaut then a forensic surgeon. Born and raised in France, she eventually left the comfortable weather of her mother country to pursue a directing career in the UK. She works as a commercial film director by day while developing her next fiction projects at night. She has a quirky fascination for the outer space and its immensity – which keeps her awake at night and inspires her to write elevated drama/sci-Fi stories, primarily targeted toward younger audiences. Having just completed her latest SFTN commissioned short film “Tomorrow Might Be The Day”, she currently works on the development of her first feature film “Aurora’s Skies”.

Eric Romero


Eric Romero moved from Barcelona to Edinburgh eight years ago. He graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BA in Television with Honours winning a Napier’s University Medal and the Clement’s Family Prize for TV production. Before coming to Edinburgh he worked as a writer for TV, Radio and Theatre. After the moved to Scotland he decided to start a path towards becoming a writer/director. He has been nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award and has won three Royal Television Society Awards. He is now studying a joint European Master in Film taught by Lusófona University (Lisbon), Napier University (Edinburgh) and Baltic Film and Media School (Tallinn) as well as working on his first feature film “Before I Go”.

Production Services

We provide production services from our base in Scotland to any international production.
With our experience managing local and international productions, we can help with budgeting, locations, crewing, equipment, permissions, casting, accommodation, catering and all other production elements that can help to make you shoot in Scotland smooth and easy.

We have great relationships with local suppliers and extensive knowledge of practicalities, licenses and general regulations or anything else you should consider when filming in Scotland.

Our international team speaks French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Russian.


Notre équipe internationale parle couramment français, espagnol, anglais, espagnol et lithuanien.
Nous pouvons vous assister et/ou superviser toutes vos démarches et opérations sur le territoire britannique/écossais et ailleurs: repérage, permis, équipement, recrutement d’équipes de tournages, auditions…


Mūsų studija teikia video gamybos paslaugas Škotijoje. Patyrusi komanda padės įgyvendinti tarptautinius filmavimus: teikiame biudžetavimo, lokacijų, technikos, darbuotojų / komandos paieškos ir formavimo paslaugas.

Taip pat padedame su kastingais, leidimais ir visomis kitomis filmavimui reikalingomis paslaugomis. Mūsų tikslas – užtikrinti, kad jūsų filmavimas vyktų sklandžiai ir maloniai. Kreipkitės!



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