We Delivered A Short Social Media Promo 

Of Individuality, Eccentricity,

Abnormality, and Humors.

Glug is an event for creatives to get inspired by peers and network. But Glug is also the sound of a liquid being poured from a bottle.
From those two definitions, we understood that glug events are about sharing one’s knowledge and experience to others, which can be symbolised by the pouring
from one big bottle to smaller ones. To convey what glug is, we created a 15 second stop motion video.


Social Media Video 


Glug Edinburgh

What We Did

Concept, Animation, Post-Production

Who We Worked With

Creative Director: Joséfa Celestin
Producer: Margarita Veberaite
Cinematographer: Fraser Stephen
Production Assistant: Corina AndrianConcept, Animation, Post-Production