Deutsche Bank
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  • Shaun Stickland

  • Ryoko Tamura

  • Christine Koudreiko

  • Writer/Director: Joséfa Celestin

  • Producer: Margarita Veberaite

  • Cinematographer: Fraser Stephen

  • Costume & Production Design: Nazia Mohammad

  • Make-Up: Jenna Clayton

  • Production Assistant: Mia Gutierrez Maxwell

  • Camera Assistant: Laura Shand

Raising the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise awareness among UK Creative students.

Our relationship with Deutsche Bank began after we picked up a film category award in DBACE 2016. Deutsche Bank is very supportive of DBACE alumni and during one of our catch-up sessions with the team behind the competition we questioned the fact that video had not been used as part of the marketing strategy for the competition in the past. We explained the numerous advantages that the use of video could have in marketing DBACE 2017 and the team agreed to commision us for the project.

The key objective for the film was to attract more applicants. We began developing a concept and script based around the idea of ‘determination’ specifically how much determination is required of arts graduates in order for them to turn their skills into a career or a viable business. The story follows 3 individual creatives through a 24-hour period where they work on their individual crafts and overcome challenges to reach a point of achievement.

Typographic design runs throughout the ad celebrating creativity, reflecting on Deutsche Bank’s support for the arts and climaxing with a call to action for applications for DBACE 2017. Casting involved finding 3 performers to fit the profile of possible applicants to the competition: a dancer, a designer and a photographer. The film was shot over two days in Edinburgh using a series of fantastic interior and exterior locations we identified during pre-production and had signed off by the client.

The video was used on the DBACE website homepage, in emails sent directly to universities/colleges and extensively across various social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. The competition received 50% more applicants in 2017 compared to the previous year.